Frequently Asked Questions

There are already so many online design news media. What makes InkedInBlack different? Despite the proliferation of online design news media, Asian design is a resource which remains untapped as it is scarcely featured on international websites. InkedInBlack strives to fill this gap by offering original reportage on Asian design. It is a platform on which Asian design can gain international publicity and awareness.

Why is the blog called InkedInBlack? Because designers who are cool only draw in black ink.

What is this ‘asia’ which you talk so much about? Given that the term ‘asia’ differs when defined geographically, politically and culturally, we’ve decided to establish its boundaries. Currently, our definition is limited to the reach of our contributors, and it includes Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Feel free to help us expand our definition of Asia by contributing design news from other countries around the region!

Can I feature my design on InkedInBlack? Yes! Most definitely. We’re always eager to feature interesting design works from Asia. Please refer to these simple steps when submitting your design to us!

Can I contribute articles to InkedInBlack? Again, yes! We’re always enthusiastic about new contributors who are familiar with the design scene in Asia to join our team.

What are these feature columns? Feature columns are casual, humorous and fun pieces that serve as outlets for our unspent creative juices, where we discuss everything that ranges from the nonsensical to the philosophical.


Rave and/or Rant

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