The Wednesday Muse: Things We Sometimes Overlook

Background info #1: The house was renovated about 3 years ago and I’ve since moved down to #01-01 with a little tv space of my own, and a small but functional loft. Back then I was still in school, and hardly knew the difference between a grohe and a gessi mixer, but I fussed over the tiles and basins as if it were my last project on earth. Everything was thought through and deliberated on and yet my glamorous ground floor toilet aka the powder room aka the maid’s bath (the house not being quite good class bungalow size) has been subject to many attacks of late. Not aesthetic nor functional ones, but one of a more basic nature.

Every now and then tiny little millepedes somehow find their way up through the drain hole when they decide to take a bath with me. (Background info #2: If I had to choose one creepy crawly to be afraid of it would be the worm.)

Modus operandi when showering these days – step into shower, scan area for worms, turn on the shower and hose down the shampoo bottles on the floor to wash out any hiding worms.

But matters have now gotten out of hand.

Just a few weeks ago, I performed my routine and proceeded to shower with peace of mind. My face was covered in facial foam, my hair was in suds, the water was running down my very happy body when suddenly i felt a wiggling around my ankles. Naturally, my first instinct was that the millipedes had returned. I started to panic – I couldn’t see! Frantically washing off the soap from my eyes, I peered through stinging soap-laced eyes and horror upon horror, it wasn’t a millipede but a Centipede squirming its way up my leg!

I blame it on the drain cover – which is the most basic of drain covers that doesn’t prevent anything from crawling up. Next time, I told myself, spend less time on the tiles and make sure all sewage points are properly sealed off. I know its nice to have ‘picture windows’ to bring the outside in, and verandahs to be a step closer to nature, but this is nature that we don’t want entering our houses.

Or I could overcome my phobia of worms, no?