About Us

Lynn Lee
Lynn writes about architecture. And writes about architecture. And writes about architecture. Occasionally, she eats and sleeps. More often, she dreams of being a cat. For waxing lyrical about windows, doors and walls is infinitely less meaningful than a life of naps.

Kenneth Koh
Kenneth’s mind is constantly inhabited by curious things and strange words jostling for attention. Some of these feisty inhabitants escape from their cranial confinement into public view and exhibition. Some are shy and prefer their shadowy, albeit homely, cell. Kenneth is pleased to have designed a logo, a concert ticket, a chair, a lamp and a bank.

Thierry Chan
Thierry studied architecture in the hope of becoming a better artist and contributing architectural poetry to people. He has, however, sold his soul to corporate greed while his mind is still lazily rambling on with some ink on scrap paper.

Petrina Yeap
Although trained as an architect, Petrina prefers to take the rarer route of engaging with architecture through writing, editorial design and curatorial research. She had the privilege to curate contents as an editor in an international architecture and urbanism journal for 2 years. Broadening that scope, Petrina has now moved on to work in research and publications in a sustainable urban development think tank.

Joanne Goh
Joanne works in a small architecture office and likes to spend time thinking about random (and often quite unessential) things. In her column “The Wednesday Muse”, she shares her musings on anything and everything.

Fitorio Leksono
As a product designer, exploration and experimentation are crucial in Fitorio’s works. Currently a designer with Jenggala, a tableware company based in Bali, he is also a lecturer at Ciputra University in Indonesia. Before this, he interned at Leonard Theosabrata’s studio, an award-winning design practice, as well as BD+A Design and Mink Tan Architects in Singapore. His works have been exhibited in Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney and Frankfurt.


Rave and/or Rant

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