Friday Humor: 10 Wierdest Headlines About ‘House’

Boat ‘Sinks’ House
The Straits Times, 30 January 1962, p.18.

House Stolen
The Straits Time, 18 May 1971, p.24.

House Dug Up
The Straits Times, 14 August 1971, p.1.

House Says ‘Yes’
The Straits Times, 30 December 1964, p.22.

Bless This House and The Toilet Too
Today, 10 May 2006, p.15.

House for Sale, Comes with Bride
Today (Afternoon Edition), 4 November 2005, p.19.

Couple Too Tall For Own House
Today, 21 July 2005, p.19.

“Sorry, We Bombed the Wrong House”
Today, 10 January 2005, p.14.

Man Sets House On Fire to Get Rid Of Guests
Today, 1 June 2005, p.19.

Grandmother Bites Buyer of Her House
The Straits Times, 25 August 2002, p.25.


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