Friday Humor: 10 Most Suggestive Glass Technical Terms

Fluid Zone
The temperature zone (>1350 Fahrenheit) that glass become molten and can flow.

Full Fuse
Heating two or more pieces of glass until the slump and flow together to form one solid piece of glass.

Using an abrasive wheel on a grinder to smoother or shape the edges of glass.

Peep Hole
A small opening in the kiln used for observation of glass during firing process.

A chemical added to certain ceramic fibers to bind them into a solid state.

Cylindrical pencil-thick glass. They come in a wide range of colors and different COEs.

Sagging Process
Heating glass until it sags and conforms to the shape of the form on which it rests.

The probe of a pyrometer. It is inserted into the kiln to measure the temperature.

Transitional Zone
Glass begins to change from about 900 degrees Fahrenheit to 1250 degrees Fahrenheit. The strain point is at the lower end of this temperature, while the upper end is where the softening point and the annealing point are somewhere between.

Wet Felt
Soaking a ceramic-fiber with rigidizer and using it for mold making.


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