Xuan Lamp by INNOVO Design

Image: http://www.idea-cool.cn

Xuan (旋), which means ‘spin’ when translated, is a hanging lamp by Innovo Design.

 Image: http://www.idea-cool.cn

The lamp, crafted out of long, thin strips of bamboo, makes use of the material’s fibrous nature. In contrast to its stiff appearance, the lamp is pliant and light, dancing and swirling to the whisper of the breeze.

 Image: http://www.idea-cool.cn

The lamp is part of the Innovo’s design series “Finding a Future for Traditions” conceived in 2009. The series reconceptualizes traditional culture and handicrafts, giving them a new lease of life in the contemporary world.

Innovo Design is a product design practice located in Hangzhou, China. Their designs have been featured at many international exhibitions, including the Milan Design Week 2011.

References: Idea-cool, Innovo


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