Moon Boat Salt & Pepper Shakers by Zhao Liping

 ©Zhao Liping

Moon Boat is a set of salt and pepper shakers by Chinese designer Zhao Liping.

 ©Zhao Liping

Zhao posits that the form of the design was inspired by the curves of the moon and the boat. While she does not state this explicitly, the design harks back to a popular childhood ditty titled “Curvy Moon”:

  In the faraway night sky,                                                                                                         Under the curvy moon,                                                                                                                 Is a curvy bridge.                                                                                                                 Beside the curvy bridge                                                                                                               Is a small curvy boat.                                                                                                             Sailing on the curvy boat                                                                                                             Is the girl from my childhood.[…]

©Zhao Liping

Incidentally, Zhao forwards that the egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers are like two mischievous kids playing on the boat under the moon, and that the design serves to remind people of their childhood times. Like the Cloud Lamp, the Moon Boat mixes playfulness with poetry, in a unique design language that Zhao has developed of her own.

Zhao Liping is a Chinese product designer. 

Reference: Zhao Liping


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