Friday Humor: 10 Most Suggestive Building Technical Terms

Base Angle
An angle secured to the foundation and used to attach the bottom of the wall paneling.

Butt Plate
The end plate of a structural member used to rest against a like plate of another member in forming a connection.

The on-site assembling of fabricated Building Systems components to form a completed structure.

Framed Opening
Jamb, headers and flashing which surround an opening in the wall of a building.

The horizontal framing member located at the top of a framed opening.

The uppermost point of a gable.

The resisting forces at the column bases holding the structure in equilibrium under a given loading condition.

Sag Angle
A tension member used to limit the deflection of a girt or purlin in the direction of its weak axis.

A vertical wall member to which exterior or interior covering or collateral material may be attached. May be either load bearing or non-load bearing.

Wind load on a building, which causes a load in the upward direction.


One thought on “Friday Humor: 10 Most Suggestive Building Technical Terms

  1. I’ve had to keep the straightest face in a meeting where the lady structural engineer said to the M&E guy, “.. your service Shaft puncture through my core and beams… “

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