Pumplight by PEGA D&E

Image: http://www.cngadget.cn

Pumplight by Pega D&E is an interactive lamp that can be inflated and deflated like a balloon.

Image: http://www.cngadget.cn

Pumplight is lighted up by literally pumping air into the balloon, which acts as a lampshade. Setting up a direct relationship between the volume of air and the intensity of illumination, a bigger balloon emits a brighter light.

Image: http://www.p1.cn

To switch off the lamp, air is let out of the escape valve. As the balloon returns to its original size, light also fades out.

Image: http://www.p1.cn

When the balloon reaches a certain size, it will stop expanding. If air continues to be pumped in, the balloon will burst. However, it is replaceable, just like any other lampshade.

All these is made possible by an IR sensor, which controls the intensity of illumination by detecting the volume of air in the balloon.


Pega D&E is an independent design consultancy established in 2008 with offices in Taipei and Shanghai. 

Via: CNGarget; Pega D&E


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