Writable by Xiao Tianyu

 Image: http://www.idsoo.com

Exhibited at the Stockholm furniture fair in 2011, Writable by Xiao Tianyu is a table that you can liberally vandalize scribble on.

 Image: http://www.idsoo.com

Conceived as a communicative device, Writable has three hinged modules, each of which reveals a blackboard surface when flipped over.

 Image: http://www.idsoo.com

The blackboards are meant to serve as surfaces for writing and illustrating during conversations and discussions.

Image: http://www.idsoo.com

Or, if you belong to the environmentally conscious, time to go eco-friendly and get rid of those hideous sticky notes on the fridge!

Image: http://www.idsoo.com

Image: http://www.idsoo.com

Xiao Tianyu is a Chinese product designer who is currently pursuing her studies at the HDK-School of Design and Crafts in Sweden.  

Reference: IDSOO


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