Office Building for Qingpu Private Enterprise Association by Atelier Deshaus


Located in Qingpu District, Shanghai, Office Building for Qingpu Private Enterprise Association by Atelier Deshaus sits next to the Xiayang Lake. Measuring 60 meters on all sides, the design of the square building took as its utmost concern the surrounding natural environment.


Paradoxically, the most prominent feature of the building, its free-standing exterior glass façade, also endows the structure with a transparency and delicate fragility that dematerializes it.


At the same time that the exterior glass façade delineates the building’s interior, it also dissolves that boundary by facilitating uninterrupted views between the surrounding environment and the office space.


The exterior glass façade is positioned 4 meters away from the main office building, allowing for a bamboo garden to be constructed in between. It also keeps out noise from a highway nearby.

Differing from the exterior glass façade, the curtain wall enclosing the main office building is screen-printed to provide sunshading.


Designed around a courtyard in the centre, the visual porosity of the screen-printed glass curtain wall allows views of neat, mediated greenery from the offices, in contrast to the relatively uninhibited nature that surrounds the building.


Pilotis free the ground floor, providing an uninterrupted visual axis from the central garden within the building to the natural environment outside.


In order to create a calm and soothing environment, the interiors of the building are kept white.


Atelier Deshaus is a Shanghai-based architecture firm founded in 2001. 

References: Zhulong, Deshaus


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