Bloom Lamp by Zhang Junjie


Want to own a piece of abstracted nature that is not green nor insect-prone? Then, Bloom, a hanging lamp crafted from the leaves of the magnolia tree by Chinese designer Zhang Junjie, is the perfect accessory for you.


To achieve a white, translucent quality, the exterior cells (epidermis) of the leaves were removed, leaving only its inner tissues (mesophyll). The leaves were then bleached.


Due to the special treatment process, the light diffused through the magnolia leaves is soft and gentle, emitting a soothing glow.

Zhang Junjie is a Chinese product designer with Hangzhou-based firm Innovo Design. His individual works have been exhibited at the Milan Design Week and Dutch Design Week. His designs have also been given international recognition by the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award. 

References:  One More Degree, ArtInfo, Guangzhou Daily


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