The Wednesday Muse: Its All In the Eyes

I am a pseudo Francophile. I love the language, love Paris, love everything about France but I can’t speak French, have not dated a French man and will probably never live in France. But this isn’t about my passion for French/France.

It is about Why French Girls are so Hot.

The other day I was in a café at MBS waiting for an interview and started talking to this lady who turns out to be the sales manager who also turns out to be French.  I was having a somewhat normal conversation with her and we weren’t covering the most engaging of subjects when I suddenly realized that my captivity was disproportionate to the substance of our Re-par-tay.

That is when it struck me. (Warning: you may not agree with this rather far-fetched theory)
There exists a secret weapon of the French;  Madame de Pompadour may even have deployed it.
The French blink a split second slower than the average non-French person.
 I have only noticed it in girls though (a very good example is Melanie Pain  at 0:40s)
This theory is still in its raw stages but I’m very optimistic about it so next time you talk to a French girl, watch out for those eyes.


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