House in Sri Lanka by Tadao Ando

Japanese architect Tadao Ando has designed a house in Sri Lanka for Belgian industrialist Pierre Pringers and his wife, artist Saskia.

Located at the southern tip of Sri Lanka, the three-storey house faces scenic beaches. The house is a gift from Pringers to his wife, who cites Ando as her favorite architect. Appropriately, inscribed on a stone outside the house gate were the words “To Saskia”.

Light floods into the ground floor studio though a two storey-high window, which is divided into four by a large steel cross.

This approach is significantly different from Ando’s previous works, which were more introspective in nature, with only small gaps for light to seep in.

This was due to the request of Saskia, who wanted to find inspiration for her art in the seas and skies of the island. In response, Ando “aimed to create an airy architecture like many of the native houses.”

A grand stairway from the entrance into the large airy loggia, accentuated by an infinity pool jutting out from a corner.

Outdoor terraces between the first and ground floor allow for a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.

The interior of the house is divided into four sections. One box houses the reception, kitchen, master bedroom, and Pierre’s “meditation room”; while another contains four guest bedrooms, each with a sea view and a complete en-suite.

Another box contains an elongated living room that is almost 20m long, slicing the two parcels of concrete at an agle.

       Via: Dezeen


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