“Craft” Coffee Table by Milk Design

Image: http://milkdesign.com.hk/

“Craft” is a coffee table designed by Hong Kong firm Milk Design. It celebrates the beauty of simple materials and a handmade quality, creating a whimsical design that is also eco-friendly. The coffee table has a very simple production process and is completely crafted by hand.

Image: http://milkdesign.com.hk/

Its main structure is a folded fan-like construction made from thin 200 gsm paper. The folds lend rigidity and detail to the table’s structure, forming a strong support for the strudy softwood tabletop.

Image: http://milkdesign.com.hk/

This folding method allows for the table to hold a weight of up to 10kg.

Image: http://milkdesign.com.hk/

The notches on the tabletop increase the surface area for gluing and attachment.

Image: http://milkdesign.com.hk/

The simplicity of the construction allows for the table to be readily disassembled and recycled for other uses.

Image: http://milkdesign.com.hk/

Design Milk is a product design firm based in Hong Kong. Its philosophy is to provide design solutions that are unique while fulfilling the basic needs of everyday life.

Reference: http://milkdesign.com.hk/


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