Home of Steven and Stephen by Stephen Siew

Image: C I & A Photography

Singaporean architect Stephen Siew has designed a home for himself and his partner that replicates the look of a luxury hotel in a cool white tranquility. The living and dining room have been combined into a flexible space with a myriad of mirrored surfaces that create unusual lighting effects.

Image: Stephen Siew

Dimension lines, arrows and a dotted elevation drawing of a Christmas tree adorn the otherwise white walls of the home.

Image: C I & A Photography

Image: C I & A Photography

Billowy ripplefold curtains wrap the bedroom chamber, creating a surreal cloud-like atmosphere when all the curtains are drawn. The openness of the layout can be appreciated in the master bathroom and bedroom, where a carefully layered but unrestricted space is crafted.

Image: C I & A Photography

The monochromatic palette is continued in the kitchen, where electrical outlets are cleverly concealed to maintain the homogeneity of the white surfaces.

Image: Stephen Siew

A wall of potted herbs in white vases form a green wall in the kitchen, offering sprigs of rosemary and thyme to the occupants as they cook.

Image: Stephen Siew
The entrance gate and door is a geometrical play on circles, also acting as a frame for festive ornaments that change with the season and time.

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