Harbormall by Supermachine studio

Image: http://supermachine.wordpress.com

Image: http://supermachine.wordpress.com

Harbormall is a revitalized shopping centre 100km east of Bangkok, designed by multidisciplinary design firm Supermachine studio. The main feature of the shopping mall is its vibrant new facade of numerous glass fins, wrapped over the old facade of the building.

Image: http://supermachine.wordpress.com

Image: http://supermachine.wordpress.com

The refurbishment of the mall also includes a redesign of the front plaza, a completely new interior space and a re-conceptualized facade of vivid marine hues.

Image: http://supermachine.wordpress.com

3,400 pieces of laminated glass fins in 8 shades of blue, green and white comprise this new skin. The idea is to create a iridescent blue box that glows at night, contrasting with the adjacent highway that is flooded with orange streetlamps.

Image: http://supermachine.wordpress.com

The restrained simplicity of the facade distinguishes the mall from the more elaborate forms of the  surrounding urban fabric, creating an architectural landmark.

Image: http://supermachine.wordpress.com

Light is brought into the interior space with new skylights, an the colourful shades of glass are brought into key elements like the vertical lift shafts.

Image: http://supermachine.wordpress.com

Supermachine studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded and based in Bangkok in 2009 by Thai architect, Pitupong Chaowakul. Supermachine studio’s projects are extremely varied and multidiscipliary, including product, exhibition, architectural and event design.

Reference: http://supermachine.wordpress.com


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