Songzhuang Artist Village by DnA


Songzhuang Artist Village by DnA is a cluster of 20 SOHOs for artists located at the outskirts of Beijing. Songzhuang is one of the largest and most well-known artist community in China, and was once home to now internationally acclaimed artists such as Yue Minjun and Fang Lijun in the early 1990s.


All of the twenty studio units have different floor plans and configurations, each of which offers soothing views of the adjacent pond.


The functional requirements of working and living are used to determine the project’s form and layout, dividing each unit into two distinct components. The studio spaces are simple, rectangular volumes that rise 6 meters in height. The residential component takes on a more complex form that incorporates the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and toilet, measuring 3 meters in height.


The studio space is plugged into the living component, either on the same level, or via a staircase.


The unique layout of the village achieved by the configuration of the twenty different SOHOs result in peculiar spaces and surprising niches that facilitate interaction amongst the artists.


During arts festivals, the artist village opens its doors to visitors, and the public spaces between the units are used for the exhibition of artworks.


DnA_Design and Architecture is a Beijing-based architecture firm headed by Xu Tiantian. 

Via: Zhulong


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