Cloud x Lamp by Zhao Liping

©Zhao Liping

Imagine a cloud floating through your window and freezing itself into place. Magical? Then you’d love Cloud by Chinese designer Zhao Liping, which functions as both a hanging and standing lamp.

©Zhao Liping

In the design of the lamp, Zhao took inspiration from the poem “Chance” by renowned Chinese poet and writer Xu Zhimo (1897-1931):

I am a cloud in the sky,                                                                                                               That is occasionally projected in your heart.                                                                                     Don’t be surprised,                                                                                                                       Or too elated;                                                                                                                             For I shall vanish in an instant without a trace.[…]

©Zhao Liping

Zhao forwards that the lamp is the concrete manifestation of a cloud lingering in her heart. White, pure, ethereal and playful, the design is a reflection of Xu’s nonchalance on the ephemerality of romantic encounters.

©Zhao Liping

I guess if you can’t stop a lover who’s leaving, the least you can do is to cast in stone cloud his/her impression.

©Zhao Liping

Zhao Liping is a Chinese product designer. 

References:  IDSOO, Zhao Liping Design

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