Studi-o Cahaya by Mamostudio

© mamostudio

Studi-o Cahaya is a house, studio and art gallery designed by Indonesian architecture firm Mamostudio. The client is an avid photographer, painter and sculptor, thus inspiring a monolithic form for the house that serves as a channel and vessel for light.

© mamostudio

The exterior of the house is in unrelenting, brutal concrete, a rectilinear box with unframed planes of glass. 

© mamostudio

© mamostudio

© mamostudio

The first two floors serve as a home office for the client, while the third floor is an open plan gallery open to visitors.

© mamostudio

The central space of the house is a cavernous volume that appears to be sculpted from a triangular lattice grid. Awash with sunlight, the geometric space was sculpted out to allow light to penetrate all three levels. This dramatic section was borne out of a close study of the path of sunlight at various times of the day.

© mamostudio

The section of the house reveals how the rectangular box is displaced with a triangular grid within. Angled surfaces reflect light and reveal the sculptural properties of the space.

© mamostudio

Mamostudio is an architectural firm in Jakarta, Indonesia led by design principal Adi Purnomo.



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