Mingle & Satool by Alvin Tjitrowirjo

Image: http://www.alvin-t.com

Mingle & Satool are contemporary rattan furniture pieces designed by Indonesian designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo. Through these original designs, Alcvin T aims to convey a distilled sense of Indonesian culture and traditional techniques, while maintaining a distinctly contemporary language.

Image: http://www.alvin-t.com

Mingle is a three-way bench that exudes a sense of elegant lightness with its thin profile. Its seating configuration encourages users to sit and “mingle” through conversation and interaction.

Image: http://www.alvin-t.com

The Satool is a sinuous, organic bench that is created using a traditional weaving method combined with strong synthetic rattan peel. The fluidity of the overall form challenges the more blocky silhouettes of typical Indonesian rattan furniture.

Image: http://www.alvin-t.com

The alvinT portfolio consists of a variety of products ranging from furniture to lighting. The brand has been exhibited in international exhibitions such as Salone satelitte Milan 2005, Launch Pad Melbourne 2006, Shanghai 2006, Talents Ambiente Frankfurt 2008, Planet Mueble Paris 2009, and also numerous exhibitions in Indonesia.

Reference: http://www.alvin-t.com/


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